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Researchers Develop New Fuel Cell Running on Methane at Practical Temperature

From the past few years, fuel cells have been used widely; however, they are not known for the affordability and practicality. But, recently the scenario has been changed. A new cell has been developed, which runs on temperature that is comparable to the engines of the automobiles and cheap fuel. This is expected to reduce the cost of the materials to quite an extent. As of now, the cells are in the lab and it has quite high potential so that someday it can electrically power the homes and also cars. This has been stated by a team of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Furthermore, the catalyst has dispensed with the extensively-costly hydrogen fuel by creating its own out of the readily available and cheap methane. In addition to this, the enhancements throughout the cell has cooled the seething operating temperature, which are considered customary in the methane fuel cells dramatically. This has been measured as a striking engineering accomplishment.

In order to run properly, the methane fuel cells generally requires the temperatures of 750 to 1000 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the new cells requires only around 500 that is even a bit cooler than the automobile combustion engines, which runs properly at 600 degree Celsius. Furthermore, the low temperature is expected to trigger the reducing cost savings in the technology of ancillary that is required for the operation of a fuel cell. This is likely to push the new cells for the commercial viability. The team of researchers are very sure that the engineers will be able to successfully design the electric power units nearby the fuel cell with some effort, which has been eluded the previous methane fuel cells.

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