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Researchers Attempt to Standardize Perovskite Stability Measurements

Perovskite solar cells are gaining increased popularity in the field of solar power owing to their high efficiency of solar power conversion, which has been over 22% in several studies so far. The lower base costs and capital expenditure incurred in manufacturing also make up a good case for these cells as compared to conventional varieties of silicon-based solar cells.

Analysts suggest that these cells could overtake the larger global market for solar power in the next few years. However, the issues concerning the stability of perovskite solar cells is one of the greatest hurdles that is stopping this hypothesis from becoming a reality.

Researchers suggest that for the perovskite solar cells to be commercially viable, they must show consistent efficiency for a span of at least 25 years of service. If the cells significantly degrade over this span, they may not turn out to be as viable as studies show in a long-term scenario. While efforts are underway in the area of improved stability of perovskite, another issue that hampers developments is the fact that no general standards are presently available based on which the stability of perovskite cells can be measured.

Now, researchers at the EPFL University, Switzerland, have undertaken a study that aims at standardizing the measurements regarding the stability of perovskite solar cells. The researchers have assessed the effects of a variety of environmental aspects on the way the cells age, including the impact of atmosphere, illumination of the level of sunlight, temperature, electrical load, and a series of all these factors together. This data-driven approach proposed for the standardization of measurements of the stability and degradation of perovskite solar cells could create accord in the area and help it overcome one of the key challenges it faces presently.

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