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Research Team Finds Sprayable Gel to Prevent Post-Surgery Recurrence of Cancer

People who are diagnosed with cancer are required to undergo a surgery. Surgery is the first line of treatment if the cancer is found in the first stage. Almost in 95 percent of cases of breast cancer or brain tumors, the individual has to undergo a surgery. However, it has been reported that even after successful surgery, there are high chances of cancer to come back. It is true that there has been significant development in surgical techniques, but to prevent cancer for once an all is still under study. Underscoring this issue, a research team developed a sprayable gel which has the potential to prevent cancer from coming back. The research team was led by UCLA. They found out that when gel was sprayed on the lab animals, it helped to awake animal’s immune systems. This helped in stopping cancer from spreading and recurring from other parts of the body.Their study was published in the Nature Nanotechnology journal.

The Sprayable Gel Reduces Tumor Growth, Preventing Recurrence of Cancer

Zhen Gu, who is a professor of bioengineering at the UCLA Samueli Scool of Engineering led the research team.The team found that the gel pruned down the growth of tumor that survived after the surgery. This helped in lowering the chances of cancer coming back. Nearly 50% of the mice survived and their tumors stopped growing for 60 days.

Qian Chen, who is the lead author of the study added that the gel has the ability to activate T cells in the immune system. This will help the immune system to work together and fight against cancer cells. 

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