Genetic Engineering

Research and Development Enhancing the Genetic Engineering For Better Treatment of Diseases

The efforts made by scientist in research and development has expanded drastically in past recent years. Technological advancements in genetic engineering have grown its efficiency multifold. A scientist from City of Hope has discovered new technology for gene editing, which is capable of correcting various genetic defects containing certain diseases. The idea is to reduce the percentage of diseases for the next generation through genetic therapies with time.

The team of scientists has developed a new tool with which accurate corrections can be done through genetic mutation. The exchange of mutated A CVgene through a healthy gene is the correct genetic mutation, said the professor in department of surgery from city hope, Saswati Chatterjee. She further added that the new gene-editing platform that in future will be used for treating diseases related to hemophilia (abnormal bleeding and poor blood clotting), sickle cell disease, and other genetic disorders.

Moreover, the concept of injecting viruses into humans may sound absurd, but a huge population has already experienced AAV and had no harmful effects were seen affecting them. AAV or AAVHSCs a subgroup found in human blood stem cell. Through homologous recombination process, the DNA sequence to the nuclei can be corrected of the targeted cell. Thus, these corrective sequences will help in replacing disease causing genetic mutation in the genome. The correction process is linked to the end or to the genome; it will be a lifelong process.  The genetic engineering is effectively done on stem cells and mature cells. The effective use of AAV can change revolutionize the way gene editing works.

Rohit Bhisey
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