Quortus Unveils First App-based Edge Computing Solution for 4G Core


The development of enterprise-based cellular-based applications is witnessing a paradigmatic transition from proprietary solutions to open platforms supported by app-based approaches. These applications when hosted on low-cost platforms is transforming how enterprises and individuals from a wide spectrum of industries develop cellular core networks, benefitting both mobile operators (MNO) and enterprise customers. Quortus, a provider of innovative mobile communications networks, in collaboration with Lime Microsystems Limited, both U.K.-based companies, unveiled an app-based cellular core network, called PocketEPC, offered through Lime Micro’s LimeNET Ubuntu App Store. The cellular backbone network, realized as an App, combines with low-cost LimeNET hardware platform and can be availed as an Ubuntu Snap at around US$203.

The flagship product in the range of App-based edge computing solutions, will enable developers to design cost-effective cellular-based applications by utilizing unlicensed spectrum, paving way for advanced IoT networks and various next-generation networks.

Operators and Enterprises can Deploy and Customize Next-Generation Cellular Technologies

The product supports out-and-out 4G cellular backbone network to help end-use enterprises, organizations, MNOs unleash the potential of next-generation cellular technology. The application of the innovative concept was demonstrated at a recent event, BT Infinity Labs.

The resource use cases of the range of app-based edge solutions announced by Quortus will offer unique advantage to small developers and the bigger academia community to gain access to resources previously available only to big specialized vendors in the cellular mobile market.

The family of edge function apps developed will offer several enterprises and operators a range of virtualized core network functions that are compliant with 3GPP standards and forms a part of container-based network functions virtualization (NFV) platform. Private cellular operators can use the app-based network edge can deploy 4G/LTE, thereby acting as a key enabler for 5G network. SMEs, in particular, can get access to customized enterprise-level cellular applications by using this platform.

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