A Quest Continues To Know About Neuron Retaining Multiple Information


A new research conducted in the Duke University illustrates that the neurons in the brain are capable of carrying two signals in single time by using a similar strategy used in telecommunication – multiplexing. Early engineers used to send multiple telephones through single wire at the same time.  In this research, the scientists and statisticians discovered that a single neuron is capable of encoding information received through different stimuli by responding in an alternating manner by associating signals with the respects sounds. Thus, by understanding this process will help in simplify how the brain decodes various information at the same time.  Further, it will also help in analyzing the perceptual and cognitive limitations.

Professor Jennifer Groh, department of psychology and neuroscience and her team associated with Surya Tokdar, a statistical science professor at the Duke University, accrued the research to develop and derive new methods that will help in analyzing neuron and their experimental data. As most of the studies are based on, single neuron encoding single object, whereas in reality a person takes multiple information at the same time.

There were various question raised by number of professors from different universities, regarding the concept of decoding signals and how past researches were done. Further, Groh raised a concern about the pattern of the working memory system, as it is limited due to the cycling behavior where the brain decodes one thing at a time. This concern was also raised, as the research was not focused on testing the working memory. Thus, in this situation further research will help in explaining these restrictions.

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