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A Quantum Computing Device is Now More of a Reality

A quantum computing device that is silicon based could now be a reality very soon owing to a new experimental device that exhibits the potential to utilize light as a medium to link quantum bits of information, also known as qubits, which are not instantly adjacent to each other. This achievement is a step towards producing quantum computing devices out of silicon, the same material that is utilized in computers and smartphones that we use today.

The Project to Open Up New Avenues for Quantum Devices

This study is being led by the researchers at Princeton University in collaboration with their counterparts at the Joint Quantum Institute and the University of Konstanz, Germany. The Joint Quantum Institute refers to a partnership between the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Maryland.

The team generated qubits from single electrons that are contained in silicon chambers which are called double quantum dots. After an application of magnetic field, they exhibited that they could transfer quantum information. This quantum information is encoded in an electron property called spin, to a photon or a particle of light, as such opening up the chances of transferring the quantum information.

Professor of physics at Princeton, Jason Petta, states that this is a breakout year for qubits of silicon spin. She further states that this work also expands and directs their efforts in a whole new direction and also produces flexibility as to how the researchers could make devices.

Quantum devices come with computational possibilities which are not a possibility with the computers that we use today. Complex computations like simulating chemical reactions and factoring of large numbers can only be done by quantum devices. Leading technology companies are already making quantum computers that are built on the basis of superconducting qubits and various other approaches.

The said research has been published in Nature, a science journal.

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