Probiotics the Answer to Antibiotics Usage

Cases of antibiotic resistance has been on the rise in many regions across the world. This is mainly on account of the excess and indiscriminate intake of antibiotics. As per data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are close to 2 million antibiotic-resistant infections occurring annually. Of those, almost 23000 cases result in death. To prevent such untoward incidents, antibiotic prescriptions need to be limited. And this can be achieved by a simple probiotics consumption on a daily basis. In a recent study by a group of medicos, trials were conducted in 12 children and infants by giving them probiotics. It was found that being used as a health supplement, it resulted in almost 29.0% reduction in prescription of antibiotics in the populace.

The fall in percentage was even more impressive when one considered the top studies. It was almost 53%. Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus strains are the probiotics that were used in the experiment.

Besides, research conducted earlier had proved that probiotics played a crucial role in lessening the occurrence of widespread acute infections of the respiratory tract and gut. Not just that, it also helps in reducing their severity.

The study was focused on uncovering the relationship between probiotic intake and falling antibiotic use. However, the mechanisms that make it happen are not known yet. Nevertheless, those could involve immune modulation or molecules production that lessen pathogenic activities in airways and guts.

Now, research needs to be conducted in other age groups as well to find out the effectiveness of the process.

Ganesh Rajput
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