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Possibility of Improving Memory through Entrainment Devices

Entrainment devices meant to generate peculiar sounds, electromagnetic fields, or light in order to boost memory and bring about changes in the theta wave activity have become quite popular across the world. Hence, to test the claim that these devices could boost memory, a research team at the University of California Davis set out with a series of experiments, tests, and researchers. Brain waves generated inside the brain can be an outcome of an electrical activity induced from outside, and this intensity of these brain waves can also be measured externally. The monitoring of phenomenon or activities by the brain owes to the theta waves that usually have five or six cycles per second. The researchers had earlier found that the generation of theta waves just before a memory task enhanced the brain’s memory.

Basis of Research

Entrainment devices that are commercially available are believed to enhance the brain’s performance by producing a combination of sounds and lights. This is in turn perceived to resolve sleeping disorders, anxiety, and mood disorders, but there is little scientific evidence to prove this assertion. Hence, the researchers used a theta wave entertainment device to test its impact on a group of 50 individuals. These individuals were either subjected to 36 minutes of white noise or were asked to use the device for 36 minutes before performing a memory-related task.

Results of Experiments

It was found that the individuals who used the device exhibited a propensity towards improved theta wave activity and better memory performance. The experiment was repeated with a different pattern of brain waves that could recur at 12 to 30 cycles per second, the memory performance improved with increased wave frequency.

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