Pont Packaging Introduces Twist to Cap Design


Pont Packaging – a leading company for glass and plastic container packaging has rolled out a novel infusion cap system. This will incorporate a fine design twist to packaging and appearance of bottled sports nutrition merchandise such as energy beverages and supplements.

The TWINCAP innovation is an outcome of discussion with customers along with comprehending the need for innovation in the vendor management system (VMS) space. The design has been created to serve the strong demand for pumping vitamins into liquids, thereby leading to an attractive design to serve consumer needs. This is because premixing liquid with vitamins that tend to lose potency.

TWINCAP Serves to keep Bottled Content Fresh

On the contrary, TWINCAP addresses this problem to enable fresh pumping of vitamins into liquid just prior to consumption. The new design is likely to attract both athletes and recreational drinkers as TWINCAP is suitable to be used for syrups, fruit concentrates, and diet drinks. In addition, TWINCAP promises improved shelf appeal over existing designs. With the new design feature, simply twisting the top cap triggers the internal cutting technique to break the liner seal, thus, allowing the contents in the chamber to flow into the bottle. A simple shake of the entire content and the mixed drink is ready to be consumed.

The 7ml TWINCAP chamber can accommodate powders or liquids, granules with the induction heated seals helping to keep the product fresh. TWINCAP – the current type fits into PC01810 neck finish and can be molded to fit any other neck size. Composed of PP, the cap is easily recyclable serving to adhere to an environmentally responsible approach.

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