PepsiCo Plans US$159 mn Refurbishment of Frito Lay Production Units


The snack-making subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc., Frito-Lay, is planning to better its manufacturing capacities in Frankfort. To that end, PepsiCo is investing US$159 mn for improvements at the existing facilities. This would help it to add two new snack products. It also plans to expand its warehouse facility by 210, 000 square foot.

At present, there are two manufacturing facilities of Frito-Lay in the town which produce 17 types of products. Those employ almost 1,100 people. With the revamp and expansion, additional 50 people would be hired.

Mayor of Frankfort Chris McBarnes has labelled Frito-Lay as a “valuable corporate citizen.” He said that the firms’ plan to reinvest in the city goes on to validate the authority’s efforts to revitalize the city and develop the workforce. It is also in line with its efforts to make Frankfurt into not just a city that feeds the nation, but the entire world.

To support Frito-Lays’ initiative, the mayor has offered concessions in property tax. Besides, Indiana Economic Development Corp. has also provided conditional tax credits of US550, 000.

A spokesperson of Frito-Lay said that the company is proud of being present Frankfort and be the primary employer in Clinton County. Because of the pressing need to grow, for which capacity addition is a must, a construction project to overhaul the existing capacity of the production units have been proposed. The spokesperson, however, refused to divulge further information on it because it is still in a very nascent stage.

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