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Injectable Adhesive: A Promising Solution to Underwater Adhesion

Adhesive plays a significant role in our day to day life.From household to aerospace, adhesive plays a significant role in binding two substrates. There have been several improvements in mechanical properties of adhesives. However, there is no effective research to improve binding capability of adhesive under different environmental conditions.  Water is one of the worst […]

Drone-Based Delivery Service
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Tech Giant Alphabet to Launch Drone-Based Delivery Service in Australia

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has made several key additions to its product portfolio over the past decade. The company has reeked of innovation and forward-thinking while developing goodwill across the market. The most recent development from the company has come to light in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Wing, a sub-division of Alphabet, has […]

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Amazon to Launch Earbuds to Compete with Apple’s AirPods

The neck and neck competition between Amazon and Apple has become evident over the past decade. The business strategies and moves of these giant companies are majorly influenced by each other. Along similar lines, the introduction of Apple’s AirPods has created ripples across Amazon’s business verticals. The latter is reportedly working on launching its own […]

Offshore Wind
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Australia to Invest in its First Offshore Wind Project

Offshore wind projects have become a vital part of regional and national infrastructure. Australia has also remained steadfast in instituting positive change in the energy sector via offshore wind projects. The Commonwealth Government has approved the licensing of environmental and technical studies across Gippsland’s south coast. This has emerged as a starry achievement for the […]