Optibus Unites Cloud Computing with Algorithm to Deliver Mass Fleet Resource Planning

Fleet Resource Planning

A group at Optibus has designed a fleet supply scheduling and organizing solution to change the definition of transit in future. This system is designed to create a schedule that matches the fleet manager’s objectives. A few examples are avoiding overtime, money saving operations, maximum usage of asset, etc. Optibus solution will collaborate with cloud computing to provide heavy analysis and increase frequency, which was previously not possible. It also has its own in house algorithm to deliver Mass Fleet Resource Planning that will ensure rescue and problems are resolved easily and effectively. It will also promote the fleet operators to bring in new technologies.

With the help of cloud computing, Optibus provides fleet managers the necessary fleet resource planning tools for optimization of new vehicles added to the fleet. The possibility of unification of electric vehicles into a fleet is very useful to fleet managers in saving time and manufacturers to position new vehicles for customers. It fits in large amount of data in a way that fleet managers can easily understand.

The most significant change Optibus will bring is the cost deduction but it will also eliminate jobs for many. However, on the positive side, it means that the revenue saved from jobs could be utilized in developing and adding more buses with better services and increasing frequency in the fleet.

That being said, new buses will still have to be purchased, software will require updates, and buses will need to be maintained. The whole concept of Optibus is to manage the mass transit in the near future.

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