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OnePlus set to Launch First 5G Phone in Second Quarter of 2019

5G phones are the next big leap in mobile phone technology and this will become widely available in 2020. Looking at the immense market potential, tech giant OnePlus has announced the launch of its first ever 5G phone in the second quarter of 2019. With this announcement the company aspired to be among the first batch of 5G device manufacturers.

5G Technology to Change Smartphone Industry for Better

5g technology in smartphones promises its user greater speed, greater capacity, reduced latency, high resolution, better network coverage, lower battery consumption, and many others.

As per the makers of such phones, 5G is still in its early phase. So there would be a significant difference in the prices of 4G and 5G smartphones. Yet they will try to keep the price below $1,000. Going beyond this range will make 5G enabled smartphones too costly. The forte of the OnePlus lies in cheaper yet powerful phones as compared to other rivals such as Apple, Google, or Samsung. Samsung has already launched it 5G enabled Galaxy S10. Now it would be interesting to know the price of 5G-enabled OnePlus phones.

Over the past few months, more information has trickled out regarding features of the phones. The company shot down hopes of many fans by confirming wireless charging features will not be on OnePlus hardware during 2019. The new 5G enabled phones will utilize same processor that Samsung has been using in its new Galaxy S10 line. In a nutshell chipset and the ability to support the 5G network is what makes technology in the new phone different from that in 4G devices.

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