NVIDIA Announces Next-generation Graphic Chips


The new graphics chips of Nvidia’s is finally here after a long wait of two years. On Monday, the chipmaker has unveiled its eight-generation Turing graphics architecture at a recently held conference in Vancouver. The founder and CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang stated that Turing is considered as Nvidia’s most important innovation in the computer graphics in the last few years. This statement was given by him in the SIGGRAPH conference. In addition to this, he stated that the hybrid rendering is expected to change the overall industry, opening up some amazing possibilities, which is further estimated to enhance our lives with some more beautiful designs, more interactive, richer entertainment experiences. It is considered as the arrival of real-time ray tracing is the Holy Grail of the overall industry.

NVIDIA has recently launched the Quadro RTX line of the workstation cards, thus featuring the new Turing GPU core. In comparison with the Pascal, Turing is around 1.7x larger on the basis of transistors and size. Furthermore, as GeForce gaming cards were not launched on the Monday night, the company stated that they expect gaming cards which will be featuring Turing to be launched very soon. In addition, they are also expecting a new gaming product cycle to be a catalyst for the stock in NVIDIA’s in 2018.

NVIDIA have recently stated that Quadro professional workstation graphic cards with the Turing technology that will be available in the fourth quarter in the year. The company is expected to deliver in the month of July quarter according to the research report.

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