Polystyrene Foam

Numerous Properties of Polystyrene Foam to Increase its Demand Significantly in Food and Beverages Industry

The use of polystyrene foam is extremely lightweight, resistant, durable, and dermatologically friendly. By having these properties, the use of polystyrene foam is seen in various consumer application. It is primarily employed in rigid items such as printer cartridges, refrigerator crispers, and coat hangers, and are also used in protective packaging of appliances and products such as meat trays, disposable cups, and panel insulation. Polystyrene foam is mostly built of air and acts as a good thermal insulator; it is used in building insulation materials like structural insulated panel building systems and insulating concrete foams. Polystyrene foam provides exceptional damping properties; therefore, it is widely used in packaging of food and beverages, and are widely used in restaurants and cafeterias.

Environment Friendly Nature of Polystyrene Foam to Boost Market Growth

Polystyrene Foam is considered environment friendly as it can be recycled, reduced wastage, better sustainability, and clean incineration for pollutant filtration. However, various governments and federal agencies are raising concerns at a high rate concerning detrimental health effects of isocyanates that is utilized in polyurethane production. Thus, to reason out these concerns constant technological advancements that are using non-toxic isocyanates and bio-based polyols are likely to support use of PU foams in several applications.

Governments across the globe are taking action to reduce the use of plastic. For instance, in San Anselmo, the town council have allowed its staff to draft an ordinance to reduce the use of single use plastic ware by the food vendors and to provide disposable food containers for the customers.

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In addition to that, multiple players new and existing both are bound to improve and innovate their current production processes to make larger profits in this competitive industry. Some of the prominent players in the global polystyrene foam market are BASF Corporation, The Dow Chemicals Company, Polimeri Europa, and Chevron Phillips Company.

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