A Novel Drug Made from Metabocin Chili Peppers to Treat Obesity


Indian origin researchers found a drug based on capsaicin – Metabocin – that has chili peppers for their spicy burn. These spices have long-term effects on weight loss and it improves metabolic health. It was observed in mice that had a high-fat diet. The drug was designed to release the capsaicin slowly throughout the day, as a result, it can provide an anti-obesity effect by withdrawing side effects, said researchers at the University of Wyoming in the US.

Baskaran Thyagarajan, the lead investigator said they observed significant improvements in blood sugar and reduced in cholesterol levels, symptoms of fatty liver, and insulin response. Addition of Metabocin has minimized the effects of the high-fat diet.

The team has developed Metabocin for consuming orally, for targeting the receptors known as transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) which are present in fat cells in large amount. This stimulates the TRPV1 which starts burning energy from white fat cells rather storing it that leads to weight loss. However, the effects of drug and side effects observed on long-term consumption were questionable.

The mice involved in the experiments remained on the drug for about eight months with effective weight loss. It proved safe and mice were able to tolerate the drug. Development of Metabocin as a potential treatment for weight loss. It will help the people that are struggling to reduce weight.

Researchers are afraid that people will conclude that more spicy food may help them to reduce weight, but it’s not the same. Most of the capsaicin from spicy food cannot be absorbed into the body, as a result, it produces these effects, the researchers said. Metabocin developed by these researchers is specially modified drug for proper absorption.

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