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Nokia and Qualcomm to Kick-start 5G Industrial IoT Era

Nokia and Qualcomm power up to showcase 5G Industrial IoT application to demonstrate the advantage of 5G in business.

At a time when several companies see the advent of 5G as a massive breakthrough in industrial applications, this is a first of its kind event. Here industrialists will get a chance to experience 5G in action. Further it will offer insights to several benefits of advanced technology.

The event will organize at Hannover Messe 2019 in Germany in first week of April. In this five daylong event approximately nine technology giants will showcase live demonstration of their applications. This will give them a platform to pave the way for the advent of digitalization and 5G on the several industrial application. Further, these companies will use Qualcomm mobile test devices to showcase future connected factory applications.

Internet of Production: An Upcoming Trend in Businesses

In this event, several business giants will demonstrate 5G in action. For instance, Bosh will showcase 5G- powered driverless transport system. Geotting will showcase an automated guided vehicle (AGV) and its application in factory settings. Siemens will showcase benefits of asset analytics over cloud, while Weidmueller will demonstrate application of 5G in real time data transfer.

Similarly, several other companies will showcase connected devices in the factory operation. This will depict contribution of 5G not only to the ‘internet of things’, but also to the ‘internet of production.’

As per a participant of the event, these smart, connected factories will also help in decisions making process apart from production.

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