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New Virtual Transit Card offers Advanced Mobile Features for Android

Public-private partnerships in the smart mobile technology is rapidly transforming the arena of public transportation, especially in developing and developed nations. moovel North America, a prominent urban mobility company focused on providing smart public transit mobile ticketing solutions, has unveiled new mobile applications and integration features for users of Android smartphones. In collaboration with INIT, the company has announced updated Hop app for TriMet transit riders that enable them to manage their virtual or physical Fastpass virtual transit cards using mobile devices. TriMet is a public agency operating mass transit and contactless payments in metropolitan areas including in Portland-Vancouver. In particular, the updated app provides mobile integration with certain capabilities of TriMet transit cards, expanding the capabilities of contactless payment.

As of now, only select transit riders in the Portland-Vancouver region can use the virtual card by downloading the Fastpass app on their Android devices. However, TriMet has planned the complete rollout by the early next year.

Smart Mobile Technology Expanding Transit Riders’ Preferences

The Hop Fastpass mobile app also enables riders can use the mobile app to pay for Hop Fastpass cards in several other transportation services, including Portland Streetcar, C-TRAN buses, and C-TRAN Vine. Apart from next-generation mobile payments, the riders can benefit from other advanced digital account management features, notably fare capping status. As announced by the company, virtual Hop cards is likely to be in the market for transit riders via Android Pay once the beta testing is over, which will provide the same benefits and features present in physical Hop transit cards.

TriMet and moovel North America have been in partnership since 2013 and since then the latter’s mobile technology has significantly improved riders’ experience, providing them enhanced mobile ticketing capabilities.

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