New Phone by Android Co-founder Could Help Cure Smartphone Addiction
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New Phone by Android Co-founder Could Help Cure Smartphone Addiction

A new enterprise is about to enter the smartphones market with a unique proposition – developing a phone or a device that could help curb the rapidly spreading addiction of the global population to their smartphones. Andy Rubin, founder and CEO, of the company Essential, is not a new name in the smartphones market – he helped create the renowned mobile software start-up, Android, which was bought by Google in 2005.

Android has, over the years, become the preeminent operating system in smartphones, powering over 85% of all of the world’s smartphones. In a way, Android is to be blamed for the concern of the rising addiction to smartphones. Rubin acknowledges the way the smartphone revolution has impacted social behavior and says that his company is working towards a solution for the tendency of constantly checking phones.

Essential’s first phone should be best viewed as the starting point for the company, states Rubin. The phone runs the same version of Android OS as the Google’s smartphone Pixel. Newer updates on the phone are expected to involve artificial intelligence principles to bring a difference in the way people interact with their smartphones, in part by outsourcing some of the more tedious tasks on the phone to an artificial intelligence algorithm.

It will in a way make the phone a virtual version of the user, allowing users to enjoy their social lives, without having to touch the phone and trusting it to do things on their behalf. This can, he adds, solve a part of the user’s addiction with their smartphones.

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