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New Blood Biomarker Test to Help Patients with Traumatic Head Injury and Avoid CT Scans

A team of researchers at the Wayne State University School of Medicine has recently confirmed that the effectiveness of a blood biomarker, which can indicate if the patients with a head injury that can avoid an expensive CT scan as the blood test results to indicate no traumatic brain injury.

The key findings of the research study that have been published online in the Lancet Neurology on 24 July, which has validated the use of a new diagnostic blood test that has been developed by the Banyan Biomarkers Inc. to rule out the requirement for a head CT scan in patients 18 years and the older suspected traumatic brain injury. The results further support the promising clinical role of the blood biomarker test to significantly reduce the need to order the CT scans of the head, which will cut the patient exposure to the health care cost and radiation for unnecessary scans.

The study further states that the UCH-L1 and GFAP in the prediction of absence of intracranial injuries on the head CT, which is a multicenter observational study. In addition to this, the study states that they identified that around 99.6% of patients who did not have a traumatic brain injury on head CT scans in almost more than 1,900 adults who are presenting to emergency departments in Europe and the United States.

This research study is considered as quite exciting for several reasons. This is one of the largest studies for any biomarkers for traumatic brain injury that has been performed in the U.S. and offer robustness of the findings that has been compared to several earlier research studies. Dr. Welch further said that their results were the basis of the first FDA that has approved the blood biomarker panel, which will further aid in the diagnosis and care of patients with mild traumatic blood injury.

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