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New Benchmark Set: New 10 MW Turbine Crushes the Double Digit Barrier in Offshore Wind Turbine Industry

Companies manufacturing offshore wind turbine are creating benchmark everyday by manufacturing offshore wind turbines which were not imaginable few years back. This has led to an intense and a robust competition among the players. Recently, MHI Vestas which is a global player and parented by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd, have pushed the boundaries in terms of turbine size again. The company recently revealed a 10 MW turbine leaving the spectators hard to grasp it. They unveiled it at Wind Energy Hamburg.

It would not be wrong to say that the offshore wind industry’s double digits barrier has been crushed with the new V164 10 MW turbine. The company pronounced that the turbine will be easily available from 2021.

When asked about the new turbine, Phillippe Kavafyan, who is the chief of MHI Vestas, said that, what could have been unthinkable in past has now become benchmark now. He also said that MHI Vestas is extremely proud and overwhelm to contribute such a huge milestone in the offshore wind industry. He also took a moment to thank and pay respect to all wind industry pioneers who have steered the market and given the platform to break the double digit barrier in the offshore wind industry.

The company promulgates that the new turbine is based on latest technology and have carefully corrected the faults or shortcomings from the previous version of V164 platforms. This turbine is likely to provide better reliability to the customers.

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