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New 2D Material Hematene to Revolutionize Generation of Solar Fuel

After the isolation of graphene in the year 2004, a battle has begun has already started to synthesize a new 2D material. 2D material are the single-layer substances that have a thickness of between one atom and a few nanometers. They have specific properties that are associated with the reduced dimensionality and further will play a role in the development of the nanoengineering and nanotechnology. An international group of researchers that comprises some Brazilian scientists who are affiliated with the University of Campinas that have succeeded in the process of production of a new material with these characteristics. The team of researchers have extracted a 2-D material that they call hematene from the ordinary iron ore. This material is only three atoms thick and is expected to have enhanced photocatalytic properties. This innovation has been described in depth in an article that has been published in the Nature Nanotechnology.

The material that has been synthesized is expected to act as a photocatalyst and split the water into oxygen and hydrogen, so that the electricity can be generated from hydrogen among the several other promising applications. The new material that has been exfoliated from hematite, which is considered as one of the common minerals present on the Earth and is the main source of iron. This is the cheapest metal and is being used in several products and most important to make steel.

A large number of mathematical and tests calculations have been performed in order to study and analyze the magnetic properties of hematene. These tests are projected to show that they differ from the magnetic properties of hematite.

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