NASA to send Spacecraft towards Sun for a Zoomed Look


On Sunday, a spacecraft from NASA that has been zoomed towards the sun is considered as an unprecedented quest in order to get a bit closer than anything that has been sent till date. As early as things fall in place, the Parker Solar Probe is expected to fly straight to the wispy edges of the outer atmosphere or sun’s corona, which was visible in the total solar eclipse in last August. It is expected that eventually will get within 3.8 million of the overall surface in the years ahead. It will be staying comparatively and comfortably cool despite the high radiation and heat that will allow scientists to explore the sun in a particular way that has been never before possible.

Till date, no scientists have considered this as a cool mission as it is the most hottest mission under the sun and to do such a mission, Sunday is considered as the best day to launch to the sun as stated by NASA. The astrophysicist from whom the spacecraft has been named, Eugene Parker stated that they have been doing some learning in the next few years.

This has been completely protected by a revolutionary and a new carbon heat shield and some of the other high-tech wonders and furthermore this spacecraft is likely to zip past Venus in the month of October. It will set up the first encounter with the sun in the month of November. This is the first time for NASA that a spacecraft has been after someone who is someone is still alive. There were some issues with the Saturday morning launch; however, NASA thinks that Sunday is going to be a complete success

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