NASA and Intel to Develop Artificial Intelligence to Provide Directions in Space

At present, GPS is being immensely used across the globe; however, outside in the outer space, there is no GPS and there are too many chances that someone can get lost while on the moon or while going to the Mars. In order to prevent these situations, NASA and Intel have come together and are taking help of artificial intelligence for advanced solutions.

Frontier Development Lab of NASA has recently concluded their eight-week summer program, along with a demonstration event that was hosted by Intel. The program comprised nine teams who were working on the core problems for extraterrestrial colonization and space travel. The main purpose of the conference was to address these specific knowledge gaps making use of the artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, the event covered the search for the exoplanets by sending a probe to find and observe the sun a bit close. It also included some other interesting topics to present and future spacefarers. Two presentations at this conference were particularly focused on the concern of extraterrestrial navigation for both robots as well as humans. Moreover, they also highlighted how they are able to address these issues with the deep learning techniques.

On the surface of the Earth, it is particularly easy to figure out any location, such as with the help of a map or some visual landmarks. On the other hand, the surface of the moon is quite different from the earth and everything on it looks similar. With the help of artificial intelligence, a team of researchers, including Philippe Ludvig, Benjamin Wu, Andrew Chung, and Ross Potter have developed an innovative system for simulating the Moon’s surface and further comparing this simulation to a local environment.

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