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Musk’s Marijuana Smoking Incident Leads to Review of SpaceX by NASA; Boeing Under NASA’s Radar, Claims Report

Internationally known space agency The National Aeronautics and Space Agency to conduct a safety review of SpaceX and Boeing. This news broke out after a podcast video went viral which had the company’s CEO Elon Musk smoking marijuana. According to a report by Washington Post, NASA is likely to review Boeing and Space X in next year.

Musk’s smoking marijuana incident has reportedly made a lot of high ranking NASA officials upset, this has made the agency to question the company’s culture, reported Washington Post. After the pot smoking incident came to light, the U.S. Air Force also started looking into the whole incident.

It is interesting to notice that the Space X competitor Boeing is also under the radar of NASA. NASA in a statement to CNBC said that they are focusing on successful and safe commercial crew missions to ISS (International Space Station). The statement mentioned that in upcoming months, NASA will host a cultural assessment study with their commercial partners to check if these companies are meeting NASA’s requirement for workplace safety, this also includes acceptance to drug free environment.

NASA’s top official, Jim Bridestine in a report said he has a considerable amount of confidence in Musk’s SpaceX team. However, he also emphasizes on culture and safety of a workplace, which needed to be fix if something is wrong.  On the other hand, SpaceX in a statement to CNBC clearly stated that making humans fly in space is the company’s sole moto.

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