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Mounting Rise in Administrative Tasks a Reason behind Burnouts among American Physicians?

American Physicians & Doctors are caught between the need to spend time understanding and undertaking a plethora of additional tasks that mandatory digital documentation of every possible task at workplace necessitates and the core responsibility of spending time with patients to understand their needs properly. Studies have found that medical interns are spending around 40% of their time of a typical day’s work hours on computers. Residents end up spending more than four hours every day on activities such as electronic charting and documentation, as per data published by a number of studies.

A 2010 review of a number of studies stated that on an average, hospital physicians end up spending less than one-fourth of their work hours directly caring for patients. A study published in 2016 suggests that doctors in clinics spend nearly 2 hours doing documentation tasks for every one hour spent with patients.

Administrative Tasks Outweighing Core Patient Care Duties
Several studies have also documented physician sentiments regarding all the time spent doing these tasks and a large number of American Physicians state that the massive amount of paperwork is straining them. A nationwide study undertaken in America recently noted that more than 90% of medical residents in the country felt that the vast documentation required to be undertaken was too much to handle to also manage efficient patient care in addition. A 2016 survey including over 6,000 doctors suggested that over half of the doctors analyzed did not feel that the level of clerical work required to be completed was not reasonable.

The situation has started alarming top medical journals and editorials citing that the rising workload of administrative tasks is a key reason for the increasing rate of burnout among professionals are being published on a regular basis. With administrative tasks outweighing the necessary connected between caregivers and patients, concerns regarding efficiency in carrying out the core responsibilities of caregivers – helping the patients with their ailments, could rise, which is surely something that needs urgent attention.

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