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Mini Cheetah, First Robot to do 360 Degree Backflips and Pull other Feats

Robots are evolving dramatically over the past few decades. The commercial application of human robots has already began. There are many restaurants and manufacturing units who employ human robot. To take the legacy of robots further researchers are working to improve abilities of robots. Researchers at MIT University have developed a robot called mini cheetah. It can pull off number of sick moves such as backflips, walk exorcist style, and pick up after falls. This four legged robot weighs just 20 pounds and can run at a speed of 2.45 meters per second. The new mini cheetah is a scaled-down version of the Cheetah 3, and is in fact ten times slower than Cheetah 3.

Apart from its impressive gymnastic skills, mini cheetah has less maintenance cost, more agility and comes handy. It comes with the electric motor design by reconfiguring smaller and commercially available parts. This makes it perform dynamic stuff, like jump in the air with every step, or run with two feet on the ground at a time.

MIT Researchers to Launch Higher-impact Maneuver

The researchers are set to present this mini cheetah’s design at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, may be this year. Further, they are planning to build more of four-legged machines capable of performing other activities. For instance, they are working on a land controller which can stand on its feet even when someone tosses it off the ground. Another instance could be a spying robot which can jump inside any house through window and help you explore inside.

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