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Miltec UV Unveils Advanced Curing Technology for Lithium-Ion Battery

Miltec UV, a U.S.-based global provider of process and chemistry products for a range of end-use industries, notably automotive, has recently launched an advanced lithium-ion battery UV technology. The new coating and curing technology will help manufacturers and suppliers of lithium-ion battery in high-output production process. Manufacturers, in particular, can use the technology to decrease the floor space and reduce the carbon footprint of the processes, apart from increased safety at much lower cost, opines Miltec. The new system is a high-speed curing technology to coat battery anodes with ceramic coatings to achieve the objectives of a high-performance system. The technology was unveiled in an announcement at the Electrochemical Society’s 232nd Fall Meeting 2017, National Harbor, Maryland.

Safer Production of Batteries with Less Carbon Footprint and Substantial Cost Savings

The advancement brought in technology for lithium-ion battery manufactures help them in mitigating the concerns of separator shrinkage, enabling them to make batteries with enhanced safety. The system includes the use an advanced binding technology and a unique application technique to coat the surface of anodes, the thickness is of the order of 2 – 4 microns. This will facilitate the production of batteries and the benefits of large cost savings for a wide spectrum of end-use applications such as hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), grid energy storage, and other consumer electronics uses.

With over 28 years in business, Miltec is on an expansion mode this year and is frenetically finding new markets domestically as well as globally. With more skilled expertise on the board, the company hopes to charter new territories riding on the waves of innovation.

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