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Microbial Fuel Cell – Converts Your Pee into Source of Clean Energy

Robial, a company from the University of West England is all set to utilize urine and wastewater into the source of energy. These energy can be further used to power home appliances and other devices. Microbial fuel cell consist of the microbes which utilizes carbon compound found in the urine. 

Microbial fuel cell consists of two half cells, and each of the half-cells consist of an electrode inside it. Wherein one of the electrode is inoculated with organic compound collected from urine. These bacteria grow on the electrode containing organic compounds on it whereas the entire cell system extract biochemical energy which is further used as electricity.

The researchers experimented different types of microbes from feedstock, which includes industrial wastewater, rotten fruits and so on and finally settled on urine bacteria. The idea of using pee as a power source could help solve energy deficits across the world to some extent. Further it is helpful for both, recycling of wastewater as well as renewable energy generation.   

Robial Vies to Commercialize Microbial Fuel Cell Energy Stream

The commercialization of microbial fuel cells for energy needs is still in the early stage. However, with increased research and development, the technique is likely to have improved efficiency and higher output capacity.  And the same can be use to produce large amount of energy for industrial application and other usage. In fact researchers have successfully tested microbial fuel cell technique in African refugee camps. Which means the future of microbial cell looks bright.

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