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Mexican Brewery Ramps up Production with Modern Technology

Leading international manufacturer and marketer of wine, beer, and spirits, Constellation Brands has achieved higher production in response to increased demand, with the help of technology provided by German engineering giant Siemens.

In 2013, Constellation had bought premium beer brands, namely Corona, Modela, and Pacifico and invested significantly in promoting them. This led to soaring sales. However, it felt the pressing need to increase production further in order to not lose out on sales, by revamping its manufacturing facilities.

Incidentally, these beers are formulated in Nava Brewery in Mexico, which was acquired by Constellation too. To sustain the momentum in production, Constellation turned to Siemens to modernize the existing architecture.

Siemens Deploys Advanced Automation and IIoT to Optimize Processes

The German company took the challenge to dramatically up production in the facility by deploying advanced automation and control, a fleet of vehicles controlled with laser, and robotics. All these ultra-sophisticated modern technology helped grow the brewing capacity to 27.5 million hectoliters of beer annually from 8.5 million hectoliters in 2013. And the best part: consistency in every bottle and batch of beer was maintained.

The savvy company also banked upon digitization which entails extracting data from smart devices and machines to generate business value. The entire process, known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brought about optimal usage of assets on the factory floor in the brewery.

This instance of Constellation overcoming capacity constraints in the Mexican brewery shows how advanced automation processes can bring down the time to market, accord flexibility, and bring about mass customization.

Rohit Bhisey
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