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Mantis Shrimp Inspired Cameras for Numerous Applications

A cameras installed in autonomous vehicles can detect the hazards and obstacles such as cars and other people on the way. This has been developed by inspiring from vision system of mantis shrimp. This is a low-cost camera that could be the additional feature of vehicles to recognize hazards in extremely challenging condition.

This new camera can detect the dynamic range which is higher than existing cameras by 10,000 times that can detect the polarization of light. The camera has unique properties that enable the cameras to see well even in worst driving conditions.

In a recent crash due to the self-driving car when the car failed to find a semi-truck because of the light and color intensity mixed with light intensity and background of sky. This information was stated by Viktor Gruev the team leader of the study and professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The new camera can be a solution to this problem of lights.

Mantis shrimp have a unique logarithmic response for light intensity such as sea creatures sensitive to light. This permits the shrimp to have dark to bright components within a single scene.

The scientists have explained the way of photodiodes of camera converts into the electrical current on working photodiodes in forwarding bias mode than the traditional mode. This also has a response very similar to shrimp. The researchers also imitated the light detection through its photoreceptors by deposition of nanomaterials on the surface of the chip.

The researchers are exploring the usage of this cameras to detect cancerous cells. They have started the exploration beyond the traditional imagining sensors. The new bio-inspired cameras are proofs that nature can be the solution to the next generation sensors.

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