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Malware Friendly Hosting Sites to Avert Attacks

Cyber security has been a major concern for security researchers and analysts. These analysts have been researching ways of safe and secure hosting of malware. This is being done to increase protection of cyber operations across a wide array of industries. Researchers have lately identified an increase in Form Book infections across nascent file-hosting services. It is being billed as a store for hosting the malware of hackers. The infection is a part of the recent information-stealing campaign that is affecting the hospitality and retail sectors. DropMyBin, the newly discovered site, is believed to have been created a week ago.

FormBook Infections

The new site has become a chock-a-block of malware in a short span of time. The origin of FormBook dates back to 2016 when it was deployed to target defense and aerospace contractors. Although the malware is spreading like wild fire, it is still within the bounds of cyber control limits. Several other Trojans such as Lokibot Trojan and AZORult have also been discovered by the researchers. The researchers believe that a range of other malware and stealing-avenues could also be discovered in the forthcoming years.

Cyber Environment

Several new and advanced ways of diagnosing cyber attacks have come to the fore in recent times. However, hackers and cyber criminals have always found ways of penetrating the security nets. Hence, it is important to keep finding ways of averting malware. There is a little contention about the possibility of new cyber researchers originating in the future. It shall be interesting to see the impact of the current research across cyber circles.

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