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Machine Learning Solutions to Evade Battery Explosion Problem

Nowadays electronic are becoming the essential part of our day-to-day life and without electronic products we cannot even imagine our life. Like from cooking food to laundry machine and electronic cars continue to rule our daily life routine. It is very hard to imagine our life without it.Many of these electronic products are charged with the high power density lithium-ion. Moreover, these two factors of batteries may lead to stress on the risky consequence.

Firstly, the material ions which is place between the cathode and anode is mainly liquid that has flammable property. Secondly,as the battery is charged and discharged over the period and patchy deposition of lithium at the anode leads to dendrite growths which further connect the cathode and anode. This may leads to explosions and fires due to ignition of electrolyte. For instance, Boeing aircraft and Tesla cars also faced the same situation of cell phone battery explosion due to growth of dendrite. In addition, the explosion of phone is mainly credited to dendrites.  

Engineers opted for Machine Learning to Analyze Chemical Solutions

Meanwhile, several mechanical and material science engineers from Carnegie Mellon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are taking various majors to find the solutions for dendrite problems. They opted for machine learning solutions to analyze the massive amount of data to discover the solutions for the dendrite.

Also, machine learning tools helps in finding the six solid electrolyte in a short span of time. Now, the engineers are more focused towards researching the overall potential of solid composite electrolyte by mixing various solid electrolyte with various preferred properties.  

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