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Lime to Launch its Bikes in Milton Keynes

Recently, Lime that has been launched in the United Kingdom. They have started with some electric-assist biked in the shopping center of Milton Keynes. The start-up that is based in San Francisco. The company stated that they are planning to expand their operations in some of the other cities across the United Kingdom in the next few weeks.

The other markets, the Milton Keynes users find the Lime bikes and further unlock it. These bikes make use of battery-powered motors so as to reduce the pedaling and then travel further distances using a mobile app. At present, the bike ride cost around £1 to unlock and charges addition 15 pence per minute of the riding time. The bikes will be made available at the Milton Keynes Shopping Center.

This launch has been backed by several investors, including GV, Uber, and Andreessen Horowitz with a fund amount of around $467 million. Lime stated that they have hit a milestone of around 11.5 million rides in just 14 months after the bikes were made available for the people. At present, the company is operating in almost 100 markets across Europe and the United States. Furthermore, the company is planning to launch their bikes in around 50 new cities by end of the year.

Lime has selected Milton Keynes as its first city in the United Kingdom. However, the company is intent on avoiding the conflicts by operating with Milton Keynes city, which is quite more approachable to several transportation startups. The company has made an announcement that they will be working with the stakeholders and city leaders. This will safeguard the respectful distribution of the service across the area.

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