Light-field Technology and Holography to Come together and Deliver 3-D Displays

At present, most of the interaction with digital content is quite constrained to 2-D touch panels and keyboards, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, on the other hand, are promising for more freedom from these limitations. The augmented and virtual reality devices have their own drawbacks including a tendency to induce visual motion sickness or some other visual disturbances, along with the prolonged using owing to their stereoscopy or auto-stereoscopy based designed.  One of the promising solutions for this is to adapt the holography or the light field technology into the devices instead. On the other hand, it requires an additional optics, which would increase the weight, size, and cost of these devices. The major challenges have so far have prevented these devices from achieving the commercial success. A group of researchers in Belgium and Japan in order to explore a combination of light field technologies and holography as a way to reduce the cost and size of several people-friendly augmented and virtual reality devices.

The team of researchers are expected to present their work during the Optical Society’s Frontiers in Optics meeting, which is going to be held in Washington D.C. from 16th to 20th September. One of the themes of the meeting is based on the augmented and virtual reality, with both a visionary speaker and also a series of invited talks on these subjects.

Boaz Jessie Jackin, researcher of the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology in Japan stated that the objects they see around them scatter light in different directions and at different intensities in a way, which is defined by the object’s characteristic features, such as thickness, color, size, and texture.

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