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Juul Pulls-Off Multiple Flavors of Its E-Cigs from Retail Stores

The use of e-cigarettes and their impact on human health have long been debated by several medical professionals and healthcare organisations. Juul Labs Inc. have taken a path-breaking step towards reducing the use of e-cigs amongst youngsters by taking down key flavours of their products from the shelves of retail stores. This step is projected to add to the responsiveness and accountability shown by Juul towards ensuring controlled and safe usage of its e-cigs. Cucumber, mango, and fruit are some of the flavours that have been pulled off from retail stores, and the company expects that the use of e-cigs amongst teenagers would substantially reduce through this step.

Increasing Use of E-Cigs

The past decade has witnessed an increasing usage of e-cigs amongst school goes, and this has driven the Food and Drug Administration in the US to keep a watch over the sale and purchase of e-cigs. Juul and a number of other companies in the e-cigarette business have been under tight scrutiny for a long time, and this step is projected to exonerate Juul from the radar of scrutiny by FDA. Apart from mint, menthol, and tobacco, all of the flavours have will be pulled off by Juul, revealed one its spokespersons.

Future Projections

The move is projected to invite a response from teenagers and other population demographics who are used to consuming e-cigs. However, these e-cigs will still be available on Juule’s official website, and a number of people would still have access to this mode for buying e-cigs. Nevertheless, this step by Juule is expected to reduce e-cig usage to a large extent.

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