JinkoSolar to Set Up its Manufacturing Unit in the US – TJ News


JinkoSolar, a developer of solar projects and manufacturer of photovoltaic based out of China, made an announcement yesterday that it had inked an agreement to provide 1.75 GW of very high efficiency modules to an U.S. opponent. As per the announcement, JinkoSolar could now finalize the planning pertaining to the construction and set up of an advanced solar  manufacturing facility in the state of Florida, the U.S.

Government to Lure the Manufacturer with Benefits

For quite a long period of time, the Chinese company has been making plans to come up with a manufacturing unit in the U.S. Newspapers from the Jacksonville, Florida region have already reported that the Chinese solar project developer has already applied for permits for manufacturing in the region with the name “Project Volt.” According to the press of Jacksonville, the city of Jacksonville and the state of Florida are offering grants, tax breaks, and various other financial incentives so as to attract the JinkoSolar, which would result in employing up to 800 people. As per anonymous source who has some knowledge about the said manufacturing project, the two announcements, however, could be linked to each other.

The same anonymous source who supplied with the information about the said project was, however, unable to confirm the location. Jacksonville is a probability though not confirmed yet. In addition all the above, various other details about the said manufacturing facility like whether the said manufacturing plant would perform full-scale cell and module manufacturing or assemble modules have not yet been finalized. Furthermore, has the actual size of the manufacturing plant has also not been decided on.

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