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Jaguar Land Rover Open 5,000 New Jobs in UK as Brexit Looms

Brexit has brought about some doubts about the future of business in Britain, and growing number of terrorism incidences has only further fueled the fire. Shredding out the uncertainties, Jaguar Land Rover, the biggest automaker in the U.K., has announced that they will be adding no less than 5,000 jobs in the country over the period of next 12 months.

British politicians are about to start the negotiations for exiting European Union, and this announcement from Jaguar Land Rover, which is owned by India’s Tata Motors, comes in as a sigh of relief. However, it also is a clear indication from the Indian carmakers for sustained free and unfettered trade support from the government in the U.K.

JLR Jumping on Electric Car Bandwagon

Jaguar Land Rover currently has a strength of over 40,000 employees across the world. While 1,000 new jobs at JLR will be for electronic and software engineers, 4,000 new candidates will boost the manufacturing base, with most of these new jobs based in Britain. The addition of new software and electronic experts highlights Jaguar Land Rover’s increasing focus on electric and autonomous cars.

Jaguar Land Rover Acknowledge Electric Cars are Future

The company has already build its first electric vehicle, called the I-PACE, awaiting to throw their ball in the pool of greener cars with improved battery charging and discharging efficiency. Jaguar Land Rover have said that nearly half of their new models will have electric versions by the end of the decade, which also means revamping their skill-set of their staff.

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