Introduction of Sodium Powder to Aid Sodium Ion Batteries to Become More Stable


It is quite well known by this time that the Lithium-ion batteries that we do can be rechargeable and be used multiple times. However, finding a better substitute for lithium has become an old news. Various metal has been tried but neither of them could provide results as similar to lithium, it is then when sodium was tried, and the results were brilliant. To add more, sodium’s availability is abundant across the world, and to add one more feather, sodium is cheaper in comparison to lithium. But the success in making a sodium ion batteries is still a question as sodium is known to explode. To worsen the scenario, scientists are still finding ways to prevent sodium ions from getting lost during the initial charge and discharge of the battery.

However, in a recent study, researchers from Purdue University had tried to fix this problem by making sodium power version. This is likely to hold a charge properly. Vilas Pol, who is an associate professor of chemical engineering at Purdue University said that during electrode processing if added fabricated sodium powder, it will slightly modify the battery production process. This can be entry of sodium-ion battery in industrial sector.This study is made available online in June 2018 before getting printed on Journal of Power Sources.

Researchers are trying to utilize sodium ion batteries because of their ability to store energy for large wind power and solar power facilities at a cheaper rate. Addition of few drops of sodium suspension onto the cathode or anode electrode during the fabrication process allows sodium ion batteries to be more stable during the discharge and charge of cells at higher capacity.

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