Quantum Computers

Interaction of Light and Electrons through Spin Will Help to Know More About Quantum Computers

The establishment of Quantum Computers has surpassed the traditional technology of computing. Where the companies such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft are making efforts to excel in creating first practical quantum computers, scientists are making efforts in discovering potential material to build them. A professor from National University of Singapore (NUS) a Faculty of Engineering has developed a new method that could make the use of quantum computing in real life. The team from NUS combined with others from the U.S. and Australia discovered a practical way to observe effects of quantum electrons with topological insulators and heavy metals used in making quantum computing and devices.

The use of quantum computers will be extremely faster than the traditional technologies. It has the capability to work at an exponential speed and can solve the toughest problems from finance to physics remarkably. This is possible with the use of light done in quantum computers, where other computers are dependent on binary formulation. The laser light in quantum computers interacts with electrons in materials to measure the phenomenon of electron spin. Thus, the spinning electron will replace the binary formulation from traditional computing will help in solving a more complex problem with increasing number of spins.

However, drawing the best from the interaction of electrons and light is more complex than done. As there is, a lot of uncertainty while predicting its working that has been reduced by understanding the practical way to observe the quantum effect in recent research. However, the team is still planning to draw new methods with different material to derive different properties of spin.

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