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Intake of whole grains to prevent Diabetes

It has been found that having world grain food such as wheat or oats, rye can aid one by preventing type 2 diabetes. This finding is found in a study which also states that consuming coffee along with rebuking red meat can lower the risk associated with the disorder. The capability of whole grains to prevent type 2 diabetes has been known quite some time but the definite role of whole grain in the process was not investigated. Apart from the amount of whole grains need to consume in order to lower the chance of falling in the hands of diabetes was not known.

According to Rikard Landberg, who is a professor at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden said that they wanted to check the level of whole grain is needed to consume in order to avoid type 2 diabetes. He said most of the researchers have already researched on the impact of whole grain on diabetes type 2. The findings of the research which was published on Journal of Nutrition clearly scraps off the notion regarding which type of whole grain to be consumed, as the study suggested that all type of whole grain provided the same effect, considering the fact they were consumed at same level.

Two groups which were given different amount of whole grain finally helped in finding that group consuming more amount of whole grain had lesser chance of falling for diabetes type 2. Based on these result, Landberg mentions that one should not avoid adding carbohydrate and cereal in diet.

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