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Innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Robots to Make Offshore Wind farms Cheaper

The UK Research organizations is capitalizing £26.6M (US$33.9M) to develop robotic applications which includes underwater unit and aerial in order to inspect and maintain offshore wind turbine. This further helps in making work safer and also reduce the overall expense. Moreover, the UK Research and Innovation Chief Professor Sir Mark Walport said that this project will further exhibits how the artificial intelligence and robot will further change the way we carry out the dangerous and complex task  and the task includes decommissioning nuclear power facilities and also maintaining offshore wind farms.

Martin Temple, the Non-Executive Director of the Sheffield Hospital Trust also stated that the new and innovative technique is changing our work space environment. As a regulator we want to encourage industry to think how the usage of artificial intelligence and robotics can be also utilized to manage the risk associated in the workplace. This innovation helps in safeguards the employees in the current and future work environment. The main motive of the health and safety executive is to prevent workplace injuries and safeguard life.

Researchers Jointly Operating to Support AI and Robot Growth

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund robotics challenges is a four year program that will develop robots which will work upon its limit to help people to come out from the dangerous work place environment.

The usage of robots in hazardous environment to inspect high voltage equipment and around the offshore wind turbine to check the mechanical structure. The latest technologies is utilized, for instance sonar methods is used to measure degradation in situ and to access sub-sea cable wear. Along with this, the artificial intelligence and state of the art system modelling will be applied to access the data produced.

The processors from the University of Manchester, who is leading the three year project said that the UK has world leading expertise in the science and technology in this area and they often operate it separately. Moreover, the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council have also supported this project to launch the project together for the first time in order to draw significant change in the artificial Intelligent and Robots sector. 

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