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Injectable Adhesive: A Promising Solution to Underwater Adhesion

Adhesive plays a significant role in our day to day life.From household to aerospace, adhesive plays a significant role in binding two substrates. There have been several improvements in mechanical properties of adhesives. However, there is no effective research to improve binding capability of adhesive under different environmental conditions. 

Water is one of the worst enemies of adhesives due to its high solvent properties. This property of water prevents adhesives to make any good, solid contact. Hence, there is an increasing demand for adhesive that has ability to cope different environment change and have superior adhesion ability under water.

Mussels and Sandcastle Worms Inspired Invention of Injectable Adhesive

To address the growing demands, scientists at Wageningen University and Research have invented an injectable adhesive. This adhesive is superior industry-standard adhesive that has capability to bind substrate under different environmental condition.

The adhesive is inspired from the ability of mussels and sandcastle worms attach to different surfaces. These worms release a fluid which hardens due to a change, thus allowing it stick underwater as well.

The injectable adhesive consists of two different aqueous solutions. Both of them are oppositely charged polymers modified with thermo sensitive units. At normal temperature, they remain at liquid state, but when the temperature rises above 32 degrees C, they immediately turn into a solid. Thereby offering strong adhesion to the substrate under different temperature range.

At present scientists are investigating to optimize materials in injectable adhesive. This will further increase the properties and application of injectable adhesive

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