InfiniBand Market- The forecast period from 2017- 2025


InfiniBand is a highly -performed, multi-purpose network design which is created on a switch design frequently called a switched fabric in global computing world. In addition, infiniband was intended for usage in various I/O networks which includes cluster networks and storage area networks (SAN). This product has become an important standard in high-performance computing. Additionally, across the globe fastest 500 supercomputers use this product. One of the major influences adding to the global market growth of the InfiniBand is the growing acceptance of this advance product in highly efficient computing devices. Thus, the market for InfiniBand has also observed the developing need for various enterprises to establish data centers during the forecast years. InfiniBand has gathered various support from every mainstream operating system which includes VMWare, VxWorks, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS, Linux, AIX, HPUX and BSD among others. Furthermore, the market of InfiniBand is anticipated a stable growth during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025 owing to frequent inventions in server related technology are expected to increase in coming years.

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Cyber world, InfiniBand is helping to powerful new architecture designed to support I/O connectivity for the internet infrastructure is expected to create a large market potential for this product market. In order to deliver comprehensive analysis of this market, the market for InfiniBand is segmented on the basis of data rates, components and geography. Based on data rates, this product market has been again bifurcated into single data rate (SDR) up to 2.5Gbps, double data rate (DDR), 2.5 – 5 Gbps, quadruple data rate (QDR) 5-10 Gbps, fourteen data rate (FDR), 10- 14.0625 Gbps and enhanced data rate (EDR) 25.78125 Gbps among others. In the year of 2016, quadruple data and fourteen data segment held more than fifty percent of the market share among the other segment. In coming years, quadruple data segment is expected to grow at a high CAGR rate among the other data rates segment.  On the basis of components, global InfiniBand market has been segmented into gateway, host channel adaptors, subnet managers and switches among others. This new development technology is a standard requirement for an industry which describes an output and input construction which is used for various communications infrastructure equipment, storage, embedded systems and interconnect servers among others. InfiniBand is one type of fabric design that controls point to point channels and switched. This product can allow data transfers up to 100 Gbps, mutually in optical fiber connections and external copper and various chassis backplane related applications.  Furthermore, this device empowers the most efficient use of all the processors and memory in the wide range of network by separating all kind of data transport processes in the adapter card. This valuable product is one of most strong interconnects of the information technology industry worldwide which is acting as one of the major driving aspect in the growth of InfiniBand market during the forecast period from 2017- 2025.  Various service providers have been experiencing tremendous pressure to support these applications and also now shifting their focus towards InfiniBand based application, which act as a driving factors of this product market.

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