Increasing Incidence of Cardiovascular Disease to Boosted Demand for Implantable Cardiac Monitor


Atrial fibrillation is the common cardiac arrhythmia and it indicates the reduced quality of life. It also shows an increased number of unfavorable outcomes such as heart failure, stroke, mortality, and growing number of hospitalization. Therefore, it is recommended that early diagnosis of arrhythmia will help in getting appropriate treatment for the patient suffering from it. Sub-cutaneous cardiac monitors and cardiac implantable electronic devices are used to monitor heart pulse rather than intermittent monitoring.

The implantable cardiac monitors (ICM) are electrophysiology devices that are small and help in monitoring the heart electrical activity of patients.  The use of ICM devices is increasing rapidly and are used in clinical practices. Moreover, with technological improvements such as easier implant procedures, miniaturization, and remote monitoring have also pushed the demand for these devices. The use of ICM devices assists in decrease the rate of heart attack through technological advancement that can provide important physiological data. 

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What are some Changing Trends that Support Growth of Implantable Cardiac Monitors Market?

According to the data provided by WHO shows that cardiovascular diseases are the major cause for deaths across the globe. About sixteen million deaths that happen in 2016 due to non-communicable diseases, in which 37% were caused by cardiovascular diseases.

In 2017, an article was published that the number of people suffering from heart failure has increased largely and has reached around 0.65 million people per year. the financial burden of this diseases has grown to US$ 30.7 bn. this has created the need for better and advanced devices that can help in prior knowledge about the attack with which approbate measure against it.

Catheter implantation, biochips, and use of software application to measure cardiac filling have grown tremendously that will help in monitoring heart rate. In addition, development of RFID technology by McMullan will also assist largely in dealing with cardiovascular diseases. Nerve stimulators are also considered among many implantable technologies used significantly in the healthcare market. Reveal LINQ an insertable cardiac monitor has somewhat replaced finicky stick-on patches and is considered a reliable option by people suffering from a chronic heart condition.

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Lately, the FDA has approved the first-ever long-term implantable continuous glucose monitoring system for people with diabetes. Thus, these changing trends and the growing incidence of various heart diseases are likely to boost the global market for implantable cardiac monitors. 

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