Digital Textile Printing Market

Increasing Demand for New Designs to expand the Digital Textile Printing Market

A method of printing colorants onto fabric with help of ink jet is digital textile printing; it is used on smaller garments, such as jackets, t-shirts, promotional wear, and on large format rolls of textile. The need for digital textile printing has grown largely because there is an increase in demand for advertisements and corporate branding such as retail graphics, flags, and banners. Globally, introduction of new designs, short run length, and economic production are some of the key major factors benefitting the growth of digital textile printing market. In addition to that, with increasing technological advancements this market is projected to grow significantly in the near future. Growing commercial branding and rise in advertisements is also expected to boost the demand in the digital textile printing market.

Recently, and Israel based manufacturing company, Kornit Digital is going to perform state of the art digital textile printing at the Brazil’s biggest textile fair Febratex. Therefore, companies taking initiative like this are likely to expand and diversify the global digital textile printing market.

Growing Use of Dispersed Ink to Play a Significant in Digital Textile Printing Market

In the global digital textile printing market various types of inks are used such as dispersed ink, reactive acid, and pigment ink. Out of these, dispersed ink is highly preferred to be used on polyester fabrics. Dispersed ink can be used for both high and low energy printing processes. While employing the dye sublimation process, this ink infuses in to the fabric to become a part of the textile. As reactive or acid inks, dispersed inks are not that bright. The use of dispersed inks is also growing, as the dye cools and condenses and is trapped in the fibers, thus making the fabrics printed with disperse inks highly resistant to laundering. It possess excellent light fastness and its application is seen taxing outdoor such as in lawn furniture.

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