High Uptake of Kava Root Extracts in Cosmetic Industry to Fuel Growth of Kava Root Extracts Market

Kava Root Extracts

Kava is herbal plant native to Polynesia, Macronesia and Micronesia of the South Pacific area. Kava root and kava root extracts are used as medicine and ceremonial drink in Oceania. Kava root extracts have multiple health benefits, also it can be hazardous to health in certain conditions. Kava drink is prepared by using grinding, pounding or grating methods then soaking the pulp in cold water or coconut milk. Kava root extract is available in powdered, capsule, tablet, liquid forms.

Kava root extract is commonly used in Europe as a remedy for anxiety. Kava root extract is mainly used in pharmacology, toxicology and human clinical studies. It is also used in treating skin diseases, urinary tract diseases, to promote wound healing etc.

Which is key application of the kava root extracts? Which application is accounting for higher growth?

The kava root extract market is segmented on the basis of application in food and beverage industry, cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical industry. In food and beverage industry, kava root extract can be used to prepare non-alcoholic beverages such as kava tea. In cosmetic industry, kava root extract is used as a skin conditioning agent in the form of lotions, hair dyes, moisturizer, shampoo etc. In pharmaceutical industry, kava root extract is used in preparing drugs for antianxiety and as a dietary supplements.

What are factors influencing on the growth of kava root extract market?

Kava root extract demand is increasing due to its use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Kava root extract have medicinal properties due to which it is also used as a traditional medicine in New Zealand. Health benefits of kava root extracts such as it enables to fight cancer, reduce size of tumors, boosts immune system, reduces anxiety, promotes better sleep and others is further expected to support market growth during the forecast period.

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