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High Speed Internet Hampering Sound Sleep in Humans

According to a recent study, high speed internet can hamper and reduce duration of your sound sleep. The research states that individuals with access to Digital subscriber line happens to sleep 25 minutes lesser than the counterparts without Digital subscriber line.

DSL technology helps in bringing internet with high bandwidth to small businesses and homes over the regular telephone lines. This research was published in the journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation. The researchers from the University of Pittsburg in the U.S. and Bocconi University in Italy concluded that access to high speed internet damages sleep satisfaction and hampers sleep duration which then leads to constrains in the morning for every individual who uses it.

Francesco Billari, Bocconi University’s professor said that people who use DSL happens to sleep 25 minutes lesser than people who doesn’t use DSL. According to the scientific community, each individual require seven to nine hours of sleep. The people who access DSL fail to accomplish the required amount of sleep and are less satisfied with their sleep.

Researchers say that these effects are driven due to time constraints during morning and usage of electronic devices during evening. Billari also said that individuals are facing digital temptations which leads to compromise in sleep duration. They sleep late in the night and wake up early therefore, unable to compensate the required amount of sleep.

It has been observed by researchers that young adults and teenagers between age 13 to 30 have significant insufficient sleep and it mainly due to excess time spent on watching videos, television, and computer games.

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