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Healing Wounds through Wearable Biosensors

Biosensors have emerged as an immensely relevant technology for multiple sectors and industries. Apart from their use in the medical industry, biosensors are also an important component of several research processes. Scientists have been looking for ways to optimize the use of biosensors in multiple domains within medicine. A team of researchers in Washington D.C. have developed wearable biosensors that imitate the structure of the skin. The chemical resemblance of these biosensors to the skin could help in healing wounds. The findings of the research have been published in the journal of Biosensors and Bioelectronics. New developments in the field of wound healing are indicative of rigorous research within medicine and skin care.

Superiority of Biosensors

The researchers are hopeful of a congenial future for the field of healthcare and medicine through this research. They believe that it could pave way for advancements in the field of wound care, fitness monitoring, diseases progression, and general health. Conventional biosensors suffer from a number of pitfalls with regard to their functionality. Hence, the newly developed biosensors endow electromechanical properties to mimic the action of the skin. These wearable biosensors can also monitor the presence of oxygen and lactate in the skin. Furthermore, they are wearable biosensors that can integrate with neural, skin, and cardiac tissues. Integration of these wearable sensors with gold sensor cables is one of their unique qualities. This helps the biosensors in imitating the mechanics of the skin.

Projected Developments in Wound Care

The researchers envision developing biosensors that can blend with the wearer’s body. This could help in customizing the action of the sensor in accordance with the skin type. The researchers have shown commendable interest in developing new methods and therapeutics for wound healing. They further intent to develop multifunctional sensors in the near future.

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